Red handles

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Want to personalise it? Fancy a change?
TROTTIX allows you to add colour to your scooter by providing handle in red and black. These are made of red and black rings which can be arranged in various combinations of your choice.

The handles are flexible and easy grip ensuring a comfortable ride. They are also easy to swap, as each ring slides onto the handlebar.

Each handle of your TX-1 is made of six rings and an end-piece.

The handle rings are sold in pairs. (one quantity is equivalent to a set of 2 handle rings)
The handle end-pieces are sold separately.

Bearing in mind that they are sold in pairs, you will need 12 rings and two end-pieces to make up two full handles (or 6 handle rings and two end pieces per handle).

Don’t forget to order a pair of black end-pieces for a perfect installation.

4,32 € tax incl.


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